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Wattsburg Area Elementary Center

10780 Wattsburg Road                         Phone: 814-824-3400 ext. 4502
Erie, PA 16509                                        Fax: 814-825-0302
Mrs. Hillary Barboni                               Mr. Matthew Calabrese
Principal                                                   Assistant Principal
 WASD Parent Survey - Spring 2019
Our District is collecting feedback from families to help us improve our programming. We thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and opinions with our team.
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Title I Information
Kindergarten Registration
If you are interested in registering your child(ren) for kindergarten, please contact the Elementary Office at 814-824-3400 to schedule an appointment. Also, please click on the Registration Form link below to complete the necessary paperwork.
Please refer to the student handbook or School Board Policy #204 for more information about attendance. 
Click here for Pennsylvania School Vaccination Requirements

Attendance Reminders

Educational Trips

Pre-approval from the principal is mandatory and should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the trip. The destination must be stated and the educational activities that the student will be experiencing must be listed. If the trip is deemed not educational in nature, it will be not be approved and the days will be marked unlawful.

Absences from School

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to submit, in writing, a reason for their child’s absence as soon as possible after the child returns to school. The middle school allows 3 days to submit an excuse after the child returns to school. After 3 days, the day will be marked unlawful. If an excuse is returned after the 3 days, it will be documented an excuse was submitted for that day(s) but it will still be marked unlawful. The attendance office sends reminders to submit excuses as well.

Click here for new Pennsylvania School Vaccination Requirements
Click here for the Annual Title I Parent Survey
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