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The Federal government provides financial support for schools across the nation to supplement their reading and math programs. The Wattsburg Area School District receives federal funds to operate a school-wide Title I program at Wattsburg Area Elementary Center. These funds are used to help insure all students receive appropriate reading instruction. Wattsburg Area Elementary Center is considered a school-wide Title school. School-wide is a designation that means all students in grades K-4 are considered Title students and can receive support for reading if necessary. Wattsburg Area Elementary Center uses federal funds to employ four teachers and three aides. One of these teachers is being utilized in first grade to help reduce class size. The other three teachers are reading specialists and support our students in a variety of instructional ways, particularly in the area of reading. Our Title I aides assist teachers and work with students in their academic classes.

Parents of K-4 students can get involved in our Title program in a variety of ways. Each spring, a committee is formed to review our school-wide program and revise our Title I documents. We are always looking for parents that may want to become involved by attending a parent advisory council meeting each summer. Our district takes a small amount of Title I money and sets it aside to be used for parent involvement activities. The Wattsburg Area School District encourages all parents to become involved with their child’s education. It is vital to learn about the important reading skills and concepts that children need to develop in the early and formative years. Likewise, the more knowledge parents obtain in the area of instructional strategies the more they will be able to assist their child to be academically successful. If you would like to become more involved as a parent, please contact the building principal, Audrey Coletta, for details. The following websites may be helpful to you if you would like to learn more about Title I programs.

Pennsylvania State Parent Advisory Council -  http://www.spac.k12.pa.us
 PA Department of Education - https://www.portal.state.pa.us
United States Dept of Education -  http://www2.ed.gov/programs/titleiparta
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