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Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following for being selected for the Greene Township Lions Club student of the month. Qualifications are: Students must be a senior, exhibit outstanding character, academic excellence, be involved in school and/or community service and be active in school and community.
September-Amanda Gryskevicz
October-Jordan Klick
November-Audra Miller
December-Natalee Stinebiser
January-Ian Thornton
February-Hailey Rice
March-Will O'Connell
April-Natalya Myers
May-Elizabeth Hiles 
September-Hannah Brocious
October-Meghan Mosakowski
November-Ryan Alloway
December-Riley Herman
January-David Nichols
February-Autumn Biebel
March-Samantha Grove
April-Maria Ghamo
May-Julia Hamilton
September-Rachel Sallach
October-Jacob Hajec
November-Ashley Hoover 
December-Nicholas Viall
January-Katie Swanson
February-Grant Thornton 
March-Haylee Wright 
April-Gabriel Jarema 
May-Alexander Polito
June-Chase Trohoske 
September-Noah Runser
October-JanaBeth Dellamedaglia 
November-Matthew Robert Hamilton 
December-Gina Ghamo 
January-Jacob Miaczynski 
February-Jocelyn Burns 
March-James Henson 
April- Austin Alloway
May-Emily Nichols
September-Rachel Nye
October-Simon DeAngelo
November-Steven Stroup
December-Katie Miaczynski
January-Halie Lewis
February-Emily Rossi
March-Alisha Zambroski
April-Erica Winkler
May-Heather Baker
June-Jenna Wright 
September-Kamron Brace
October-Ben McGill
November-Lindsey Jarema
December-Keegan Sonney 
January-Megan Pound
February-Courtney Bender
March-Seth Magee
April-Elizabeth Bertges
May-Tyler Belden 
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