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Wattsburg Area School District provides individual plans for students with disabilities who are eligible reasonable accommodations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Pennsylvania’s Chapter 15 regulations. The district has a system in place where students with medical conditions and/or a disability can be referred to determine eligibility for a Section 504 plan within the school environment. A student with a medical condition and/or a disability that affects a major life activity and impacts the student’s learning is typically referred through the school’s guidance counselor or the school nurse. Once the referral is sent to the administrator who oversees Section 504 students, then providing there is enough information from the referral, the information is verified and a Section 504 plan meeting scheduled. If there is not enough information in the referral, then the district may request an evaluation of the student to determine eligibility for services. If you have any questions or need to make a Section 504 referral, please contact the school’s guidance counselor or MerriBeth Knappenberger at 814.824.3400 Ext. 4513.

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