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Welcome to Mrs. Burdick's Page!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  This school year brings many new and exciting opportunities for sixth graders!  My name is Mrs. Pamela Burdick and I will be instructing both math and science as part of the 6th grade team.  

We are very excited about our new mathematics curriculum.  

The official Mathematics curriculum for WAMS is Eureka Math. Students will be learning through direct instruction lessons, in-class and homework assignments. Assessments will include tests and quizzes. There is no Eureka Math textbook. Students will be required to keep an interactive notebook in which they will take notes and practice skills.  Additionally, students will explore and practice skills through various independent and group activities.

Grade 6 Math Skill Topics are ratios, multiplication and division of Fractions, computing multi-digit numbers, number theory, rational numbers, expressions and equations, area and volume, probability and statistics.

The Mathematics curriculum is based on the Grade 6 PA Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. For more information on PA Core Standards go to https://www.pdesas.org/Standard.

Earth Science is the area of study for Sixth Grade Science. Students will be assigned a Holt Earth Science textbook that will need to be covered and brought to class every day. An Interactive Notebook will be an important part of learning Science. Additional graded assignments will be classwork, cooperative group investigative labs, homework, tests, quizzes, and the independent scientific investigation (Science Fair Project).

Earth Science topics of study include: Earth’s processes- the rock cycle, layers of the earth, and weathering. Earth’s resources- land use, renewable and nonrenewable resources. Earth’s history- geologic processes and fossils. Water and the water cycle, oceans, and tides. Weather, climate and meteorology. Models and scales of the Earth and geologic structures. Science Inquiry and the Scientific Method. Middle School Science standards are also available at https://www.pdesas.org/Standard

Our Schedule:
7:20-7:42am - Homeroom/Breakfast
7:45-9:17am - Period 1 - Mathematics
9:20-11:02am - Period 2 - Mathematics
11:05-11:35am - Period 3A - Enrichment
11:38am-12:08pm - Period 3B - Lunch
12:11-12:56pm - Period 4 - Science
12:59-1:44pm - Period 5 - Science
1:47-2:33 - Period 6 - Student Specials/Teacher Plan
 Keeping the lines of communication open between home and school is vital in promoting a positive and successful school experience for your child. Students are instructed to fill out their Agenda Book daily for each class, take them home each night and have them signed by a parent. In addition, Sapphire is available to all parents and students to review assignments and grades.

I look forward to many exciting learning experiences! Please feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns. I am available to receive your calls from 1:47-2:25 p.m. daily or you may email me at the address below.

Thank you,

Mrs. Pamela Burdick

Wattsburg Area Middle School

(814) 824-3400, ext. 3128

[email protected]

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