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I hope everyone is staying safe in these difficult times. All the coaches, teachers, and administrators are thinking of you and excited for the day when we can have the students back at school again. With schools being shut down for the remainder of the school year, the Seneca football program will be using Microsoft Teams to disperse information to anyone interested in playing football this fall. If you are in Middle School or High School and have expressed interest in playing football this fall, log on to Microsoft Teams to see new updates on the football program and ways to stay active with your free time. If you can’t access Microsoft Teams or don’t see the page, please email me at your earliest convenience.

For those interested in participating in Seneca’s Youth Football program, formally known as the Wattsburg Chargers. Please also email me at your earliest convenience. There is a Microsoft Teams page created for the Seneca Youth Football Program and I will add you so you have access to any updates with the program. Everyone can access the page the same way you will access your classes for online instruction.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. We’re living in unprecedented times and I’m hopeful this will help ease the transition as we move towards football season. I hope you’re all as excited as I am for the season to get here and to have some sense of normalcy again! As I’ve already told some of our High School athletes, “There are two type people, those who will find an excuse. Those who will find a way”.  I hope all of you will find a way to stay active and finish the school year strong!


Go Cats!!

Coach Einhouse

[email protected]

2020 Football Schedule

2020 Football Schedule  


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  Region Champions!



 Offensive Records

Season Rushing: 

            2002                  Paul Nies                        1484

               2011                  Joe Hibbler                     1413

                           2015                  Adam Fish                      1309

                           2004                  Nick Lynch                      1301

Career Rushing:

                        2012-15                  Adam Fish                  3265

                        1999-02                  Paul Nies                    2692

                        1973-75                  Rick Wright                 2565

                        2015-17                  Joe Scarabino             2236

                        1995-97                  Aaron Anderson        1775

Season Passing:         

                        2015                        Joe Scarabino            2265

                        2014                        Jarrett Pound            1649

                        2015                        Joe Scarabino            1305

                        2016                        Joe Scarabino            1301

                        1997                        Mike Mazanowski      997

                        1984                        John Saxon                  939

                        2005                        Jim Stalford                  881

Career Passing:

                        2015-17                  Joe Scarabino               4871      

                        2004-07                  Jim Stalford                  2592

                        1982-84                  John Saxon                   2011

                        2014                        Jarrett Pound               1637

                        1986-88                  Rick Skalos                    1281

Season Points:

                        2017                        Joe Scarabino                  128

                        2016                        Joe Scarabino                  112

                        2015                        Adam Fish                        108

                        2011                        Joe Hibbler                         96

                        2006                        Shane Cyphert                  92           

                        2015                        Chris Hibbler                     90

                        2002                        Paul Nies                            86

                        1975                        Rick Wright                         74

Career Points:

                        2015-17                  Joe Scarabino                  294

                        2012-15                  Adam Fish                        198

                        2012-15                  Chris Hibbler                   174

                       1973-75                   Rick Wright                      165

                        1999-02                  Paul Nies                         134

                        1985-87                  John Wolf                         102

Defensive Records

Sacks Season:

1997      Jared Stolz               9

2002      Brent Boyd              7

2003      Shawn Giewont      7

Sacks Career:

2005-2006            Shawn Giewont            19

1995-1997            Jared Stolz                      17

2000-2002            Brent Boyd                     16

Tackles Season:

2014            Jamie Sommers              147

2007            Richard Widdowson      134

1999            Kevin Lyons                     132

Takles Career:

2014                  Zach Muye                       372

2004-2007        Richard Widdowson       307 

1997-1999        Kevin Lyons                      291 

Interceptions Season:

2003                  Nick Lynch                  8

1998                  Jim Kuhl                       6

2000                  Mike Shumac              5

Interceptions Career:

2002-2004            Nick Lynch             15 

1996-1998            Jim Kuhl                  12

1998-2000            Mike Shumac         10 



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