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Todd Matlak, MS, LAT, ATC

Todd has been with Seneca High School since 2021 and UPMC Sports Medicine since 2019. He has a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine/athletic training from Mercyhurst University and a master’s in athletic training from California University of Pennsylvania. Todd spent 18 years as an athletic trainer at the collegiate level and three years at the high school level previously. He enjoys hiking, golfing, and spending time with family.







Athletic Training Services:


=        What is an Athletic Trainer?
We provide the prevention, examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of emergent, acute or chronic injuries and medical conditions


=        Who are Athletic Trainers?
Highly trained, multi-skilled healthcare professionals who render service or treatment, under the direction of or in collaboration with a physician, in accordance with their education, training and the state’s statutes, rules and regulations.


=        Athletic trainers are sometimes confused with personal trainers. There is, however, a large difference in the education, skillset, job duties and patients of an athletic trainer and a personal trainer. The athletic training academic curriculum and clinical training follows the medical model. Athletic trainers must graduate from an accredited baccalaureate or master’s program.


=        All this information, and more regarding Athletic Trainers can be found on the NATA website.



Concussion Information:

In addition to a pre-season physical exam, student athletes in grades 7, 9, and 11, or those who are in grades 8, 10, or 12, and have not taken one the previous year, are required to take a baseline ImPACT test before tryouts.  Baseline testing is done at WASD under the supervision of the school’s athletic trainer.  We offer several days of testing during the summer as well as before each sport season throughout school year.  The dates and times will be announced during school hours and on social media.  Student athletes who have not completed a baseline test are not eligible to participate.
ImPACT is a computerized test that assesses neurocognitive function.  We use this system as a tool when an athlete sustains a concussion by comparing their post-injury performance to their baseline test.  Although it is not a substitute for clinical evaluation and physician recommendations, it is very useful in providing us with additional information on athletes’ neurocognitive function and any deficits that may be a result of concussion.  The neuropsychologists who developed this testing are consulted, if applicable, on every case for interpretation of test results.
At WASD, we take concussion management very seriously and have some of the best resources available to ensure the highest level of comprehensive care for our student-athletes who have sustained a concussion.  Please visit the ImPACT Testing website for more information on the test, FAQ’s, concessions (including recovery and post-concussion syndrome), and current research.
Common Injuries:

Our Athletic Trainers treat various injuries across all sports. For more information regarding an injury, please refer to the UPMC Sports Medicine Website.



UPMC Sports Medicine:

UPMC Sports Medicine offers a complete range of services focusing on preventing and treating injury and illnesses, and helping athletes — young or old, professional or amateur — reach their peak performance.  These services include imaging, athletic training, sports performance, concussion services, ACL prevention programs, sports nutrition, mental training, sports massage and cycling performance.  Below is contact information for these services.  For more information regarding UPMC sports medicine, please visit their website by clicking here. For more information on UPMC Sports Medicine, please read the linked documents: About UPMC Sports MedicineWhat is AT
Erie Area Primary Facilities:
Concussion and Sports Medicine Services:
 UPMC Rehabilitation Institute
100 Peach Street, Erie Pa 16507
Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
7 a.m. – 6 p.m.
**Early morning and evening appointments are available for your convenience**
For additional information regarding UPMC Rehabilitation Institute services, including affiliated orthopaedic surgeons, please visit our official website Here

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