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This course uses Visual Basic 2012, an object-oriented language, to teach programming concepts. This course is designed for a beginning programming course. However, it assumes students are familiar with basic Windows skills and file management.

Throughout the course, students will: 

  • Learn how to plan and create interactive Windows applications.
  • Learn how to work with objects and write Visual Basic statements such as If…Then…Else, Select Case, Do…Loop, For…Next, and For Each…Next.
  • Create and manipulate variables, constants, strings, sequential access files, structures, classes, and arrays.
  • Create both static and dynamic Web applications.
  • Learn how to connect an application to a Microsoft Access database, and then use LINQ to query the database.


Publisher: Cengage 6th Edition (2013)
ISBN: 128507792X
ISBN-13: 978-1285077925

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