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8th Grade Science

8th grade science is composed of basic chemistry and basic physics and is referred to as physical science.  Student will be learning about matter, forces, energy, simple machines, atoms, compounds and chemical reactions.  This is in addition to the basic science fundamentals of measurement and the scientific method.
There is an 8th grade science PSSA given in May of the school year.
Textbook:  Discovery Education Online    https://app.discoveryeducation.com/public:session/login
                     Username is the students school email.
                     Password is the first part of their email before the @ symbol. 
Mr. Schweitzer 8th Grade Science Contact information 8th Grade Science AA130 WAMS 824-3400 ext. 3130 Email [email protected]

Daily Schedule

Home Room                  7:35 - 7:40
1st Period Science         7:35 - 8:35
2nd Period Plan             8:38 -  9:32
3rd Period Science        9:35 - 10:29 
4B  Science                  11:05 -11:56
4C  Enrichment            11:59 - 12:39
5th Period Science        12:42 - 1:36
6th Period  Science       1:39 - 2:30 
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