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7th Grade Life Science
Paul Semrau
Wattsburg Area Middle School 
814-824-3400  extension 3131 
After School Help available by appointment only:  
     Monday and Tuesday 2:45-4:00 PM
     Wednesday and Thursday 2:45-5:30 PM
 Welcome to Life Science: the study of life!  

 Course Outline

Unit 1 Life Science: The Study of Living Things

Unit 2  Cells

Unit 3  Heredity, Evolution, and Classification

Unit 4  Simple Organisms, Fungi, and Plants

Unit 5 Animals

Unit 6 Ecology

Unit 7 Human Body Systems

Unit 8 Human Health


TEXTBOOK:  Holt Science & Technology: Life Science, 2007    Holt, Rinehart & Winston                 

                          (ISBN-13:  978-0-03-045622-0)

STUDENT SAFETY CONTRACT (signatures required)

 The course will involve a variety of labs to introduce and reinforce the principles of life science. Please carefully review the Student Safety Contract.   (Copies of the Safety Contract are available upon request)



 Students will be given a single subject spiral bound notebook.  This is the their Science Notebook.  This notebook will serve as a reference and study guide. The SCIENCE NOTEBOOK will be graded.   The grade students receive for their notebook will be based on the neatness, format, and content.  Students will store their  notebook in a hanging folder.  Students will have a folder for their notebook and other handouts they will receive during the course of this year.  Folders will be graded on neatness and organization.




Grading Scale:

A = 93 - 100%

B = 85 – 92%

C = 77 – 84%

D = 70 – 76%

F = 69% and below

 Grades are divided into three categories:

 ·         Summative Assessments (Level I) = 60% of your grade (includes end of unit tests and chapter tests, large projects, presentations

 ·         Formative Assessments (Level II) = 30% of your grade (includes labs, quizzes, projects

 ·         Daily Achievement/Homework (Level III) = 10% of your grade (includes homework, notebook checks, “do-nows”, in-class assignments, small projects, and some labs)



          1.      Treat others the way you want to be treated

2.      Do your best

3.      Words mean things

4.      Be a participant in your education, not an observer

5.      Actions have consequences

6.      Improvise, adapt and overcome

7.      Results not excuses

8.      You are 100% responsible for you


ABSENCES/MAKE UP WORK:  Remember:  YOU ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!  You are responsible for making up any work missed during an excused absence.  You must make arrangements with me to make up any missing work within 1 week of the date that the test quiz or assignment was initially given unless otherwise indicated.


       ·         Be on time for class. (tardiness will be recorded and referred to the office)

·         Be prepared for class.

·         Warm up/Bell ringer Activity -  As you enter the classroom each day:

o   Look at, read, and follow the directions on the whiteboard or easel pad for instructions for the day’s activities. 

o   Pick up a copy of the do now, warm up or bell ringer activity. 

o   Start working immediately.

·         Please use the restroom and drinking fountain before class.  

·         Cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted according to the WASD Policy.  Devices will be confiscated and sent to the office.

·         All safety contract guidelines must be followed at all times.  Violations of the safety contract will result in the grade of a ZERO for the activity AND disciplinary action.


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