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Welcome to Fifth Grade!!

My name is Ms. Carson and I will be your child’s English Language Arts (ELA) teacher this year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. The best way to reach me during the school day is through email. My email address is [email protected] . You may also leave me a voicemail at 824-3400 ext. 3115.
We will be doing many fun things in ELA this year.

I like to use a variety of activities and resources to make our classes fun and interactive. Grades will be based on in class assignments, tests/quizzes, projects, and homework. When given, homework will be graded on a 3-point scale (3-homework is completed and turned in on time, 2-homework is mostly complete and turned in on time, 1-homework is partially completed and turned in on time, 0-homework is not completed or not turned in at all).  

The following are some of the topics that we will cover this year.


*The Writing Process

*Informative/Explanatory Writing

*Narrative Writing

*Opinion Writing

* Theme/main idea

* Compare/contrast

* Cause/effect

* Point of view

* Word meanings

* Figurative language

* Plot

* Setting

* Characterization

* Text structure

* Inferences

* Text to text comparisons

* Vocabulary

* Conventions of language

* Opinion/argumentative writing


Lunch Time-11:05-11:35                          Plan time-12:59-1:44 

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