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Students will attend these classes once per week.
Classes alternate each year. 
7:20-7:35 hall duty
7:42-8:35 Foods/Child Development 
8:38-9:32 Foods/Child Development 
9:35-10:29 Foods/Child Development
10:32-11:02 lunch
11:05-12:39 plan
12:42-1:44 Consumerism/Clothing Construction
1:48-2:33 Consumerism/Clothing Construction

Ms. Vallimont’s Expectations For Class


Welcome to another great year in Family and Consumer Sciences. 

Class rules for all students:  1.  Be on Time (3 tardies will result in detention)     2.  Be prepared for class (3 times unprepared will result in detention)    3.  If it is not yours, do not touch it.  4.  Practice safety at all times.


Students may make up missed points on Summative Assessments.  (unless it is a true/false situation)

They must come to me before school, or during Day 4 Enrichment.

The Assessment Make-up work must be done before the next Class.  That gives the students at least a week to make up the work.  Students may get off the bus, go to the front lobby, let office personnel know they are going to my class for make-up work.


For Foods Class, on Lab day, hair must be tied back, closed toed shoes must be worn, socks must be worn, hands must be washed.  (these are Health Dept. Laws) If a student is sick (and in school) or is not able to follow the above mentioned requirements, they will be offered book work to make up the Lab. (100 points) If a student is absent, the Lab will not count against their grade. Students will be required to complete 4 different Lab duties within 5 different Labs.  The duties are: Cook, Assistant Cook, Manager and Dishwasher.  Refusal to complete a Lab duty will result in a 0/100 grade. 


The Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum is designed to promote a student's ability to be a productive member of their community and family.  Through the various classes offered by the Family and Consumer Sciences Department, the student will have many experiences and gain important knowledge about their world and how to successfully interact within it. 
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