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Welcome to the Wattsburg Area Elementary Center music education homepage! 
  I am Mrs. Lesley Lopez and I have been the music teacher at WAEC for 22 years.  I have taught music for a total of 33 years. During my career I have taught Kindergarten through Eighth grade in a school setting, and Pre-school through College students in a private piano and voice setting.  I have a Bachelors of Music Education degree from West Virginia University and a Masters of Music degree from the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati.  As a musician I have been the conductor of the adult choir at Our Lady of Peace church in Erie for twenty-three years, I teach piano and voice lessons, and I sing professionally.
 Our elementary students attend music class for forty-five minutes, once every five school days.  During their music class time, the students learn about the six basic elements of music:  Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Form, Tone Color, and Expressive Elements.  They explore these elements through singing, listening, moving, playing instruments, and creating (composing) their own music.
 The textbook that is used for students in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade music is the "Spotlight on Music" textbook, published by Macmillan / McGraw - Hill, copyright 2005.
If you need to contact me, my phone number is 824-3400, ext. 6628 or you can reach me by e-mail at, [email protected]

Music Schedule


Mrs. Lopez

Day 1

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Day 4

9:00 - 9:15

Musical Preparation  

9:15 - 9:55


Mrs. Gerard


Mrs. Webb

10:05 - 10:45

Mrs. Woodfield

Mrs. Baden


Ms. Sierota

10:55 - 11:35

Mrs. Smith


Mrs. Mattocks

Mr. Shores


12:15 - 12:55

Mrs. Sayers

Mrs. Metzler

Mrs. Ochterski


1:05 - 1:45

Mrs. Chapman

Mrs. Burdick

Ms. McAvoy

Ms. Kerr

1:55 - 2:35

Mrs. Zawistowski

Ms. Bucceri

Ms. Slomski

Ms. Swift

2:45 - 3:25

Mrs. Malec

Mrs. Baltes

Mrs. Holland

Mrs. Wnukowski

3:25 - 3:50

Musical Preparation                                                      Philharmonic work

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