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5th Grade Math and Science

5th Grade Math and Science




Important Information:

  • Contact Information:  
    Mrs. Jennifer Turner
                   Phone: 814.824.3400 ext 3121
                   Email: [email protected] 

                   Plan Time: 1:00 p.m.-1:44 p.m.

  • All children have a science book that they can bring home. They do not have to sign one out of the classroom (Scott Foresman Science-The Diamond Edition 2008)
  • We are using the Euerka Math Program.  We do not have text books, but each night the children should be bringing home their Problem Set papers for the current lesson.  We do those in class together and they are to use them as their reference sheets to complete their homework.  
  • Please feel free to schedule a conference with me to talk.  It can be in person or on the phone.

Homework Policy:
  • Please check agenda for daily assignments.  Homework can and will be given Monday through Thursday.  It is to be practice of learned skills/content.  If your child is struggling please let me know.  I will work with them to understand and master the skill they are practicing.
  • If your child fails to complete three assignments or brings them in late three times in a grading period, I will be calling you to set up a plan in order for the homework to be completed.  Please contact me if you notice anything at home with homework.
  • Your child may correct any D and F grades and turn them in to be corrected again.  Please have them leave their old answers on the assignment and write the new answer in a different color writing utensil.  I will look at the assignment again and give ½ point to any new/correct answer.  This will help to adjust their grade and see their mistakes at the same time.
  • Please note that extra credit isn’t given, in order to reflect a more accurate account of what the children know academically.   I do occasionally give bonus points as a reward.

Content and Topics: Scinece

  • Reading and math skills and strategies related to science
  • Understanding and using the scientific method/hands on investigations
  • Space
  • Classification
  • Plants
  •        Animals
  •        Cells. human body, and body systems
  •        Current Events that encompass physical, earth, and life sciences

 Concepts and Topics: Math 

  • We will be continuing with the Euerka Math Program.
  • They will be learning problem solving in relationship to whole numbers, place value, decimals, fractions, area, volume, and coordinates.
  • The students will be working on fluency of basic math facts and skills along with the problems solving.




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