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The United States Academic Decathlon, the premier national scholastic competition for high school students, was created to provide opportunities for students to experience the challenges of rigorous team and individual academic competition. Each student competes in ten events: Art, Economics, Essay, Interview, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Science, and Speech. Students compose an essay based on a prompt whose central theme incorporates information relating to the current curriculum. Students also perform a prepared speech and impromptu speech and participate in an interview before a panel of volunteer judges from the local community. 
The culmination of the competition is the exciting Super Quiz™ oral relay in which students have the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of the broad range of the U.S. Academic Decathlon’s interdisciplinary curriculum by answering questions from seven different subject areas: art, economics, literature, mathematics, music, science, and social science. The Super Quiz™ is the only part of the actual testing that is open to the public, and it is inevitably one of the most memorable and exciting parts of the Academic Decathlon competition.
Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded for individual events and total scores. Overall individual winners are recognized as are champion teams. The broad base of awards allows for major recognition of academic accomplishment. Teams advance through local, regional, and state levels of competition. The state champions compete at the national ?nals. The 2019 Academic Decathlon National Finals will take place on April 25–27, in Bloomington, MN.
The United States Academic Decathlon emphasizes the personal and academic growth of each student who, by meeting the challenges with honesty and integrity, can reap the rewards of greater self-knowledge and self-con?dence for the future.
The ten-event academic program strives to foster a greater respect for knowledge, to promote wholesome inter-school academic competition, and to further develop student communication skills. A unique aspect of the U.S. Academic Decathlon is that it is designed to include students from all academic abilities and achievement levels. Each nine-member team consists of three Honor students (3.750 – 4.00 GPA), three Scholastic students (3.000 – 3.749 GPA), and three Varsity students (0.00 – 2.999 GPA). Each team member competes in all ten events against other students in his/her GPA division. Overall team scores are calculated using the top two individual scores from each division.

2019-2020 IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH: An Exploration of Illness and Wellness

The overall curricular theme for 2019-2020 will be Illness & Wellness. Following is some general information on the topics in each of the subject areas.

  • SCIENCE: The science topic will be an introduction to the biology of cancer.
  • LITERATURE: The literature curriculum will include critical reading, one long work of literature, and selected shorter works. The long work of literature will be Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.
  • ART: The art curriculum will be an exploration of illness and wellness in art.
  • MUSIC: The music curriculum will provide an exploration entitled 'Til death do us part:  Mortality made musical.
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE: The social science curriculum will provide an introduction to the history of healthcare.
  • ECONOMICS: The economics curriculum will cover an introduction to economics and health economics.
  • MATHEMATICS: The mathematics curriculum will cover an overview of algebra and trigonometry.
ASL Competition Dates

Competition dates for 2019-2020 school year:

There will be three scrimmage competitions this year.  You should be aware that these competitions will not be cancelled due to inclement weather; please plan accordingly.  The competitions dates, events, and sites are:

November 9, 2019 @ Meadville HS (7:30 am - 4:00 pm) 
      Tests - Art, Music, Literature, Social Science
      Super Quiz Relay

December 7, 2019 @ NWPA Collegiate Academy (7:30 am - 4:00 pm) 
      Tests - Economics, Mathematics, Science
      Speech (impromptu & prepared)
      Super Quiz Relay

January 4, 2020 @ Seneca Valley HS (7:30 am -  4:00 pm)
      Tests - Art, Economics, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Science; Super Quiz Relay
      *NO Subjectives - Essay, Interview, Speech

FEBRUARY 7-8, 2020 / 12:00 PM-9:00 PM , 9:00 AM-3:00 PM @ EDINBORO UNIVERSITY
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