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Mrs. Anderson - 6th Grade


Mrs. Anderson

814-824-3400 Ext 3105


Mathematics – Science –ELA- Social Studies



Welcome to 6thgrade! 

          During the course of the year a variety of lessons will be used to teach, reinforce and review skills.  Each class will include practice and review time after lessons are presented.  Practice and review time includes individual work as well as group work.  This is a time to improve skills and use mistakes as an opportunity to learn.  Each lesson requires various amounts of practice time depending on the skill being acquired.  Assessments are taken after students have had time to practice and review skills.  Assessments include classwork, homework, quizzes and tests.  Students are provided notice before quizzes and tests are given.  In May, students will complete a science fair project.

Weighted Grades:

60% -Summative Assessments: Shows mastery of skills and concepts

          Tests, quizzes, and major projects

30% -Formative Assessments: Graded practice assignments

          Class work, homework, science labs

10%-Achievement Grades: Graded on a completion basis

          Exit Tickets, participation and some class work assignments


Grading Scale:

          93-100%      A

85-92%       B

77-84 %      C                                                       

76-70%       D

69% & below F

Classroom Rules:


1.    Be kind to everyone

2.   Listen to and follow directions

3.   Do not disrupt class

4.   Do not enter cubbies that belong to other students

5.   No food outside of lunch bags

6.   Follow all school rules as stated in the student handbook





Period 1                 ELA    

(7:42 – 9:17)


Period 2                Math    

(9:20 – 11:02)


Period 3                Enrichment   



11:38-12:08           Lunch   


Period 4                Science   

(12:11 – 12:56)


Period 5                Social Studies 



Period 6                Specials   *This is my plan time when I will be available to return

(1:47-2:33)                              calls or emails.    

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