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Mandated Training

Mandated Training 2018-2019

A variety of state and federal laws require that we update staff annually in a number of areas. Each of those areas is listed below along with documents, websites, and videos that give important information for employees to understand. Please use the allotted time to read and/or watch the items below. When you are finished, please log in to your Microsoft 365 account then click here (or copy and past the url http://bit.ly/2vXax4I into your browser). This will allow you to complete an electronic sign-off indicating that you have read and understood the information below.

If you have any questions about any of these items, be sure to ask your supervisor before signing. S/he can provide you with more information as needed.

Wattsburg Policy Updates

Please read the following new and updated policies that impact your daily work.
HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Please read the following memo regarding our HIPAA policies and procedures.

HIPAA memo 2015

FERPA – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Please click on the link below and read the information on the webpage.


Please click on the following links to view the videos about FERPA.



Please click below to read Wattsburg’s policies on student records.

216 - Student Records

113 - Confidentiality of Special Education Student Information

Mandated Reporter

Please click below to read Wattsburg’s policy on mandated reporting of suspected student abuse.

806 - Child Abuse

Please click on the link below to learn more about your responsibilities as a mandated reporter. Once you arrive at the web page, which contains frequently asked questions, click on each question to read its answer.


McKinney Vento – Education of Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Please click on the link below and read the information on the webpage.


Please click on the link below to view a video about children and families experiencing homelessness. While a few minutes of the video are specific to the Idaho district that created it, the rest of the information is accurate for Wattsburg. Our school district’s homeless liaison is the Assistant to the Superintendent, Leslee Hutchinson. She can be reached at 814-824-3400 ext. 4532 or at leslee.hutchinson@wattsburg.org .


Please click below to read Wattsburg’s policy on children experiencing homelessness and the Basic Education Circular provided by PDE.

251 - Homeless Students

BEC Homeless Students 

Title IX

For the online training, please use the following process:

      1.  Go to the district website www.wattsburg.org .

      2.  Under the “Staff” tab, there is a link entitled “Title IX and Non Discrimination.” Select that link.

      3.   Next, select “Title IX Training “. You’ll need to enter the password “TitleIX” to access the training.

      4. Click on each lesson and read the contents of the page.

5.     At the end of Lesson 3, you’ll see a link to a survey. Click that link, complete the information, and click submit. This will show that you have completed the required training.

Right to Know

Our district website contains information, forms and policies related to Pennsylvania’s Right to Know law. They can be accessed by clicking the link below:


Workman’s Comp/Safety

The documents below provide important information developed by our district safety committee. Please click on each to read more. Your supervisor will provide more information as the year begins.

New information for teachers

WASD Emergency Procedures protocol

Public Address Protocol

View text-based website